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Our Service

Consultancy / Manufacturing / Supplier Selection

As individual as our client’s requirements and desires, our strategies and solutions are equally flexible.

Searching adequate suppliers for a specific product necessitates profound market knowledge as manufacturing quality and specialization differ considerably from province to province.

Manufacturing Monitoring / Quality Control / Final Acceptance

Our commitment to highest quality already starts with the selection of raw materials and fabrics.

During the subsequent production process, our employees are constantly present, pursuing a strict quality and time management.

Logistics /
Packaging Solutions

We are searching for the most efficient way of shipment – whether by air, sea, or rail All costs are displayed transparently. Tailor-made packaging ensures the safety of your product during transportation and enhances its appearance, allowing your product to stand out from competitors.

Consultation and communication with clients and firms

Sourcing Supplier Selection

Quality Control Final Acceptance

Logistics and Packaging


Loyal customers are the best reference

Honesty, Trust and Quality as basis for our cooperation

As textile experts, we place special emphasis on producing high-quality clothing in the streetwear/fashion sector. This is why renowned fashion companies and online retailers are among our customers.

Fashion influencers love to bring their ideas to life with our wide range of possibilities.

Following client`s special requests and demands, we have continuously expanded our portfolio – also beyond textiles.

As we mostly work behind the scenes, we respect the wish of some customers not to be named.

About us

30 years in Asia and deep market knowledge are the pillars of our success

In the 1990s, we recognized China’s potential and started to exclusively place our orders in this flourishing environment. Over three decades, we have built confidence and trusted relations.

We are well acquainted with China’s culture and know the manifold opportunities this country has to offer. This helps in working out strategies to avoid common mistakes.

Innovative ideas are often doomed to fail because the wrong course was set from the beginning. Insufficient market knowledge, impracticable expectations, and a lack of time to thoroughly examine suppliers and factories all too often end in financial loss and disappointment. Especially SMEs considering production in China should carefully assess opportunities and risks. Our advice is to either monitor the situation in China by oneself or to consult experts.

There is a different set of rules for strategy and negotiation in China.

A conduct of negotiation one may deem appropriate, could in fact have a surprisingly negative outcome. It is crucial that nothing is left to chance.

Manufacturing the perfect product depends on the symbiosis of the involved cultures. Professional competency and intercultural sensitivity are the basis for our negotiations. Well-coordinated planning in advance, market knowledge, and a perfectly tuned international team are the key to our success.

Uniting theory with what is feasible – that is our daily challenge.


Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Our suppliers commit themselves to enforce social norms and workplace safety.

Both living conditions and wages have risen significantly in recent years, hardly matched by any other nation. At the same time, new technologies increased productivity and further improved working conditions.

  • Fair salaries
  • Regulated working hours
  • Certification according to European standards
  • No child labor
  • Gender equality

There is a lot of talk about sustainability. We act.

Carefully planned and controlled processes reduce faulty goods, thus reduce the waste of resources. Minimizing scarp is a an underestimated, yet major factor in the protection of natural resources.

Best resources and modern manufacturing methods result in a high-quality product.

Quality and longevity of products is the most efficient way to protect resources!

Our client’s positive feedback regarding longevity of our products are proof that we do more than just hollow words when it comes to environmental protection.


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