The strict, continuous quality control only ends upon successful handover of your products.

Our specialists in China have university degrees and possess an outstanding product and process expertise.

We set the highest quality standards for our client’s products. To satisfy these requirements, a quality management is needed that runs like a common thread from procurement of raw materials, through fabric processing, fabric finishing, production itself, all the way to packaging and shipping.
The basis for this is trustworthy, long-standing partnerships with suppliers, but most importantly, a competent and experienced team.

Our staff is supervising the production sights every single day. It is also there, that they plan and discuss the processes, brief the factory workers on specific details, and constantly monitor compliance with quality requirements. This procedure ensures the early detection of error sources.

An essential part of our quality mechanism is the final inspection with multiple checking of every item.

Team Textiles

Combined expertise through years of experience as
garment technicians and quality inspectors

Permanent proximity to the product and workers ensures
trust and enables extraordinarily low error rates.

Team Consumer Goods

Our technicians live and love precision, innovation
and new challenges.

Our other services

Consultancy / Manufacturing / Supplier Selection

As individual as our client’s requirements and desires, our strategies and solutions are equally flexible.

Logistics & Packaging
We are searching the most efficient transportation solution for you – by air, sea, or rail. Costs are displayed fast and transparently.

When it comes to successful certification, nothing should be left to chance. Our team supports you in Asia, ensuring an optimal result.


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